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By February 27, 2019 Pet Memorials

Dob: 10-27-06
Passing date: 7-13-18

Our beloved Roxy,our faithful friend, and your love you shared till the very end.
For 11 years our family was blessed, now it’s time for you to rest.You still live on in the hearts and minds, of the loving family you left behind. There are not enough words to describe the pain my heart is feeling by loosing you baby girl, mama will always love you and never forget you my little angel. – Mama

Roxy, perfect from the first day we met and forever loving in every way. Always wanting to be by our side no matter what we were doing. You will forever be a large piece of our family that will be missed. You will always be remembered. – Papa

In all things in the world you really don’t expect how much of a bond you can have with an animal. But when you grow up watching them grow and them watching you grow up. They aren’t just your pet they become part of the family. She was my sister one of my best friends and just someone I can talk to without being judged. No matter how much we fought each other we always loved each other. She always thought she was the big sister and the one that could overpower me. Yeah, she’d get in a couple of good bites on my nose, but when it came down to the end of the fight she’d always let me flip her on her back and let me rub her little tummy, or she’ dlet me carry her like a little baby that was one of my favorite things to do to her. But out of everything when I didn’t have much when people weren’t around she was. She’d wake me up every morning scratching on my door wanting to come in to come sleep. That was our thing we’d stay in bed watching anime, funny thing is I feel sometimes she’d would watch it with me because when something exciting happened her ears would perk up and she’d get into it. We were lazy to be honest that’s why we had the bond that we did because we’d love to sleep and lounge around. It’s still hard to think you’re no there you were the last of my childhood, the first night I couldn’t sleep because I was still waiting for someone to call saying that you were going to come home. But I know now that you’re resting easy with Vicky you both are together again protecting each other. There won’t be a moment in my life thatI’ll forget the both of you, I’ll be waiting to see the both of you. You guys impacted my heart and left imprints and will forever be in my heart. I love you goofs this family will miss you and we will always love you little goofball. – Big Bro

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