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By February 27, 2019 Pet Memorials

Fred Kittredge

02/10/2010 – 06/07/2016

From the very first time we saw Sammy, he was energetic and fun loving. He loved to chase. On the day we went and picked him up he got loose and chased the owners chickens around the yard. He loved the chase and was so excited that he just smiled all over. The funny part was that when he actually caught a chicken he turned it loose so he could chase it again. He was playful and had a gentle nature. He was also protective of his family particularly his 4.5 pound little sister Riley. He loved to be with family. The closer the better. It’s hard to explain how we feel now that he is gone. Suffice it to say we miss him and are extremely happy that our lives came together the way they did.

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