By May 11, 2021 May 18th, 2021 Pet Memorials

Ruby: my simple, sweet and good little white dog (lwd)…my beloved Jack Russell terrier, faithful best friend and loyal companion. Forever my shadow baby, my heart and soul. You are now my heavenly angel, spiritual guardian, my nightly “Dog Star” (aka Sirius) or “lwd Star”~ the brightest star in all of heaven-always there to show me the way.

I’m so full of gratitude and awe for all your pure love, loyalty & devotion to me. From 8 weeks old to nearly 17 years you lovingly cared, comforted and slept by my side…never spending a night apart. What words can truly express what an amazing dog you were. All your faithful goodness, the joy, love and support you brought to my life. I love you beyond measure and pray that you are now reunited with your brother, Rocky. Oh you two are my heart/soul. I miss you both so deeply…forever my babies.

Thank you lwd for always loving me through life’s hills and valleys. Your calm presence was a gift from God. Until we meet again, Rest In Peace dearest “little sis.” Know of my eternal love and gratitude for the blessing of YOU!♥️

Lorie Corson

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