By June 8, 2023 Pet Memorials

09/03/2011- 05/18/23

When we originally got Scooter, he was supposed to be a companion for my father upon losing my mother — his wife of 50 years.  However, my Dad soon went into assisted living, so it was not practical for him to take a dog.  So my wife and I happily took care of Scooter.  What a pleasure he brought to us both, every day, for 11 years.  His sunny little disposition would wake us each morning, he loved to go to parks and socialize, to walk the neighborhoods, to ride with us in car around town or on road trips, and so happy to be with friends and family.  To gaze and appreciate birds in the yard, to cuddle up with ladies, on the sofa for some rest and TV.  Always so well-behaved, Scooter trained himself to tell us when to let him out back. Now that Scooter passed on, the house is so quiet and sad….

Scooter, may you dance with angels in Heaven above.  🐶

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