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By January 15, 2024 Pet Memorials
5/6/2011- 11/20/2023
Her name was Mia and she was the perfect little dog for me.  Mia loved everyone and everyone loved Mia.  Mia really looked forward to her walks.  She would stare at me until it was time to go, then she would stand patiently while I put on her harness and leash.  I will miss her quirky little habits.  She would twirl around when she was excited.  She was very inquisitive.  She would stand on her rear legs, like a meerkat, and observe what was going on around her.   She would rush to the kitchen when someone was there, staring at the floor, watching for a dropped morsel.  She loved to eat!  Well, she just loved her life.  And I loved everything about her.
Gone from my life too soon, she will live forever in my heart.
Sherry Rook

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