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Nellie Mae Winn

By February 27, 2019 Pet Memorials

Arlene, Nellie Mae & Tessa Lee

January 11, 2007 – February 21, 2017

A life well spent – A life too short
Nellie will be missed by her family, friends both human & canine and her sister Tessa “Firefly” Lee

Forever in Our Hearts

Nellie Mae was an exceptional 4 legged friend. She had many talents and achieved many accomplishments. She earned a Bachelors and Masters degree in Doing Business. She traveled throughout the United States visiting national attractions from the Grand Canyon to wineries, Presidential Libraries, State Penitentiaries and many, many more. She was born to be a Therapy Dog, giving hundreds of hours to serve her community. She was an ambassador for SCCV. She was an outstanding swimmer and loved her lake in Michigan. Nellie has many aliases; Nellie Belly, Wiggle Butt, Pumpkin Girl, Devil Dog, Baby Girl, Big Girl, Horsey, Big Dog, and A Darling Doodle! From the moment she found us, she was a joy and inspiration. She made the family whole and loved us beyond our expectations. She was special, she was unique, she was our world! Her SPIRIT was huge and her HEART was loving. Her energy was FULL until her last day on earth. She was COURAGEOUS!

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